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Consulting Actuaries

Specializing in Workers Compensation

Sound Actuarial Consulting specializes in Workers Compensation, for both the self-insurance market and the insurance industry. We provide actuarial consulting services for other property/casualty lines including medical professional liability and general liability. In addition we prepare valuations for our public sector clients of other postemployment benefits other than pension (OPEB) in accordance with GASB 75.

Availability to our clients is of paramount importance and rapid response to client questions is a hallmark of our staff.

Workers Compensation

What Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance, also referred to as workman’s comp, gives employees medical, wage and other financial benefits for work-related injuries and illnesses. This coverage is required in NYS and helps to get your employees back to work faster.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

  • Cover medical care and medical treatment
  • Replace most of their lost wages if they take time off from work to
  • Provide disability benefits
  • Give death benefits, like helping pay for a funeral if they lose their life in a work accident or from a job-related illness