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  • Compensated Absences/Termination Benefits

    • Several of our public sector clients have requested that we project the cost of benefits, other than pension and retiree health benefits, that will be paid upon an employee’s retirement or termination. Such projections can be useful in union negotiations, or in justifying the amount of funds held as the EBALR.
  • Rate Filings

    • Sound LLC can assist carriers in the preparation of rate, rule, and form filings, including their submission to insurance departments.
  • Litigation Support/Expert Testimony

    • The staff of Sound LLC have been called upon to assist attorneys when actuarial expertise is required, including providing expert testimony to help obtain a favorable decision and ongoing support in a litigated matter.
  • Contractual Language

    • Group self-insurance plans require arrangements among members to address what happens when a member leaves the plan. Given the inherent complexity of workers compensation insurance and the long-term nature of the coverage, we are often called upon to assist in drafting language to be included in the plan document.